We believe product managers deserve a place to call home

Our story

Founded in 2015, Craft.io came to life when a group of PMs came together with the goal of solving a fundamental problem in the industry: Product Managers lacked a home of their own.


Today, Craft.io is evolving with product teams to support and enhance their work, providing them with the frameworks and tools they need to develop true product intelligence.

What is Craft.io?

Craft.io is a product management platform built for product managers.

With Craft.io you’ve got strategy, ideas and feedback, roadmaps, prioritization, progress tracking, and team collaboration, all at your fingertips, in one simple to use platform.

Craft.io gives you a comprehensive, streamlined, intuitive platform for planning and managing your products.

We believe that when you can understand your customers, remove friction, navigate expectations, and ship great products, you will shine. That’s why we built Craft.io. For you!

About the founders

As two veterans in the product management space, we embarked on a mission to build product managers their home, and provide them the tools they need to make data-driven decisions and build great products.

Elad Simon

Co founder and CEO

Roni Ben aharon

Co founder and CPO

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