Build intuitive roadmaps that communicate your product strategy

Fully Customizable

Present your product goals in a traditional timeline view, or switch to release to display your plans in neat columns. The Craft product roadmap software also allows you to choose whether to show or hide dates, goals and initiatives.

Add Swimlanes

Use swimlanes to create parallel visual roadmaps for different teams or groups — such as product, marketing and engineering — to make it clear how the various roadmap items align. This will allow you to create a business roadmap that showcases the overall company vision and strategy.

Share Your Roadmaps

Communicate your agile product plans by sharing roadmaps with internal colleagues or external stakeholders in just a couple of clicks. Send them a live view URL that will always be updated if you make changes, or export a PDF.

Additional features

Drag and drop

Easily move and change items as you see fit

Items Assignment

Link any item to your high-level plans, directly from the roadmap view


Spotlight important dates by adding milestones to your roadmap

Roadmap your

Import your backlog items directly to your roadmap backlog

Dateless mode

Instead of presenting exact dates, show a more general timeframe

Visual Customization

Customize your roadmap’s color, size, and other details

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Create and share clear, compelling roadmaps


Share customized roadmaps with your audiences

Create beautiful roadmaps with the level of detail (releases, initiatives, features, dates) you want. Easily share internal or public roadmaps via PDF or a live link.


Stay updated sends you email notification about your colleague activity in entries that are relevant to you such as completion, new comments ,etc.


Turn Ideas into Features

After an idea was developed, everyone who has been involved in this idea creation, voting or comments will get an email notification that the idea is now live.

It fits well all my needs to build a product!

Joao Luiz Severo Co Founder, Uland GIS

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Make product decisions with all the information you need


Help engineering
teams do great work

Craft’s intuitive editor lets you easily define everything that makes a great product: epics, features, stories, and more. Attach designs and documents, and capture all the details so everyone’s on the same page.


Focus on the right things

Prioritize the work of your teams according to what matters most. Use smart scoring and accommodate constraints to plan your next development cycle with ease.


Visualize your work in the way that works best for you

Streamline your work into a single platform and the view you prefer. lets you see all your data in the mode of your choice:
Story Mapping, Spreadsheet, Table, Kanban, or Timeline views.

Story map view

Table view

Timeline view

The user story mapping feature provides me with the best abstraction at that level. In addition, the integration features really provide for a very robust platform which meets all the needs of the product manager who wants to do things properly.

Philippe Clairet Design Manager, Anaplan

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Listen to your users and prospects so you know what matters most


Collect and consolidate ideas

Gather ideas in an engaging and empowering way. Include ideas and feature requests from inside and outside the organization. Let users vote and comment to show you what really matters to them.


Capture the voice of your customers, wherever they are

Learn more about your users by including their feedback and data. Capture feedback from sales, support and communication channels with Salesforce, Zendesk and Intercom, or share a dedicated form with users to collect their insights.


Gain the confidence to make the right decisions

Tag and sort ideas and feedback to see patterns. Use insights to make more informed product decisions. Send ideas to your planning board to become epics, features, and stories.


Convey the vision that will guide your product

Define your product vision, personas, and competitors. Set goals, initiatives, and OKRs.
Ensure your strategy connects to business goals.

Easy to use, clear, and always improving…

Peregrin M. Head Of Special Ops, IBEX Payroll

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