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Sprint Dev Status — ADO

Plan and manage more effectively with centralized visualization of all the items in your Sprints, including their real-time ADO status.


Never blow your deadlines

Say goodbye to dev bottlenecks

Real-time ADO dev status

High-level perspective

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Keep your eye on the prize and ensure that you stay on top of dev’s progress, with access to real-time status updates from ADO. Connect craft.io to ADO and any dev status updates made there are automatically reflected in craft.io! See who’s working on which item, understand criticalities and eliminate bottlenecks before they slow you down. Quickly take-in progress, and allocate resources to ensure that all the items in your Sprint are finished on time.

Why should I use Sprint Dev Status — ADO View?

Use this view to make sure that dev progress on your tasks is going as expected. Benefit from real-time status updates directly from ADO to ensure that last minute surprises are kept down to a minimum.

How should I use Sprint Dev Status — ADO View?

Before you can use this view, make sure that you’ve connected craft.io to the ADO API so that any changes made there are automatically updated in craft.io. Now, add the view to instantly visualize all of your items, grouped by Sprints, including their dev status as it’s been updated in ADO. Use this view to keep an eye on dev progress across your Sprints so that you can immediately allocate resources if there’s any issue that may put your delivery at risk.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for this view?

This view is great for product leaders who want a fast, easy way to keep track of dev progress on their items. It can also be used by anyone who wants to check-in on dev status, but doesn’t want to use ADO.

What outcomes should I expect when using this view?

Expect to get a better handle on the progress across all the items in your Sprints by accessing each item’s real time dev status.

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