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    Chris Rosburg  Product Manager, True Blue
    The user experience is simply mind blowing and just awesome! Love it!

What is User Persona creation?

The definition of a persona is a fictional character created to represent the different user types that might use your product. Each Persona that you create represents a user that has different needs and usage habits.

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How to create user personas with Craft?

Craft helps create agile user personas with predefined, editable categories that act as a user persona generator. Choose predefined characteristics, or add your own.

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Collaborate and share personas and story maps

Discuss ideas by #tagging subjects, and @mentioning team members. Export links/PDF with a click and share story maps with stakeholders and users outside of Craft.

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Connect story maps to roadmaps

With Craft’s end-to-end product management capabilities, instantly connect personas to roadmap versions, bringing the entire product together to create the experience you envisioned.

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Imagine your Product
Now bring your vision to life.

Craft’s product management software is designed to flow seamlessly with your natural process: ideate, spec, roadmap, build

  • Visual, human-friendly UI

    Craft’s is designed with humans in mind – visual, accessible, colorful and easy to master.

  • Everything in one place

    Craft’s unique structure allows you to link items in different areas and manage an entire process, start-to-end.

  • Connect personas, epics and requirements

    Assign items from Craft’s Discover area to versions, allowing the team to follow the entire story mapping process.

  • Choose your agile method

    Craft’s flexible approach means you can work Scrum, Kanban or any way your team prefers.

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