Scrum Management Reinvented for the Digital Age

Get your goals from Backlog to Done using Craft's smart and versatile Scrum management tool.

  • Product Manager, True Blue
    Chris Rosburg  Product Manager, True Blue
    The user experience is simply mind blowing and just awesome! Love it!
Prioritize, Track, Release

Never lose another sticky note again

Scrum management means keeping up with the constantly moving sticky notes that represent the things you have to do during a current sprint. Craft turns all those notes into digital tasks, always accessible to everyone on the team.

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Organise and collaborate the agile way

Use agile Scrum management for product development and make sure everyone in your team is on the same page. Craft is always synced and up to date, so everything is there at a glance.

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Scrum management that's personalized to you

Customize each team’s workflow to define your process. Track your items’ progress in story points or time and add your custom fields and priority score to create custom processes, tailored to your needs.

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Integrate with your favorite tools

Integrate Craft's Scrum management software with third party tools, like Jira, Slack, GitHub and Google Drive for a more personalized, agile and successful project management experience.

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Imagine your Product
Now bring your vision to life.

Craft’s agile Scrum management tool is designed to flow seamlessly with your natural development process: ideate, spec, roadmap, build

  • Find the system that works for you

    Craft will seamlessly switch from Scrum to Kanban or the other way around.

  • Sticky notes that can do anything

    Easily apply bulk actions to items: assign items to team members or sprints; add labels and apply decisions retroactively.

  • Weave the entire process, end-to-end

    Manage your entire Scrum management process online, from start to finish.

  • Never lose your ideas

    Find anything and sail smoothly throughout Craft with our hyper-accurate search & filter queries.

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