What is a product description sheet?

Also known as a product requirements sheet, a product description sheet signifies the completion of the first stage in product/service development strategies based on the Waterfall (sequential) Workflow model (an approach centered on the sequential execution of objective-specific tasks to realize a planned product/service offering ultimately).

In this context, a product description sheet definitively outlines the visual characteristics, functional capabilities, and use parameters for a future product/service release. Consequently, this detailed description of a future product/service is the primary basis for all essential objective-specific tasks in a waterfall-based product/service development approach.

Production Description Sheet Components

Product description sheet constituents are typically classified into three purpose-defined categories, i.e., according to the specific product/service aspect that a stated attribute describes. The three main categorizations of product description sheet components are:

Visual Attributes

This category encompasses a wide array of consumer-oriented descriptions of various visual characteristics/attributes that define a planned product/service offering. The core purpose of detailed graphic representations in product description sheets is to ensure that the final product/service attracts target customer attention among similar competing offerings.

The underlying basis for this visual emphasis is a natural consumer inclination toward products/services with unique visual appeal, e.g., bright colors, captivating scenic backgrounds, minimalist user interface layouts, theme customization, etc.

Consequently, a product description sheet rich in visual detail ensures development teams come up with an aesthetically-optimized 2D/3D graphic mockup of a future product/service release.

Functional Capabilities

The functional capabilities of a planned product/service offering include both consumer-focused user interface features and behind-the-scenes support functions. Note that a product description sheet for a tangible product typically has fewer and simpler function-related descriptions than a product requirements sheet for a service offering.

This outcome is that most tangible product offerings require little-to-no behind-the-scenes support functions, such as IoT-based consumer products. Consequently, function-centered product/service descriptions have greater significance in application-centric service offerings than in physical product releases.

Use Parameters

As the final category of product/service attributes defined in product description sheets, user parameters encompass an array of use-dependent and operation-specific attribute descriptions for a planned product/service offering.

User parameters attribute for a product/service essentially comprise consumer-centered descriptions of the proper use of a product/service. For example, steps for opening the child-proof cap on a bottle meant for a planned medical product launch, weight limit specifications for an electric forklift, etc.

Production Description Sheet

This document acts as an objective realization and task implementation guideline for product improvement teams.

In this context, a product spec reflects not only the needs, expectations, and preferences of target end-users but also those of the product owner. Note that while this document primarily defines a product offering in its entirety, a product spec can also elaborate upon a single feature, function, or capability.

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