Kanban Board

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Benefits of Kanban boards

Thanks to Kanban boards, nothing gets ignored or skipped, here’s why:

  • Presenting all the tasks in one place helps teams come up with a more efficient plan and get better results
  • Kanban boards are extremely helpful for working on multiple projects and/or with different teams
  • They increase team collaboration and let team members focus better on the tasks
  • Visualization of the work process leads to greater transparency and clearly shows any potential bottlenecks
  • Measuring the flow of our work on a Kanban board allows to significantly improve the speed of delivery

Kanban boards in Project Management

Online Kanban board tools, such as Jira, provide much easier access to project planning for members of a team wherever they are. They enable keeping more comprehensive information regarding each step of the working process. There is no need for frequent team meetings as an online board automatically informs team members about the progress of a project, as well as any changes that might have occurred. Save time on planning and documenting every alteration and each step of the project. An online Kanban Board can be updated at any time, from any place, and to any necessary extent. That’s very important for teams and stakeholders who don’t always share an office space to be able to visualize the work process. Reports and metrics generated by online Kanban boards are more sophisticated and take far less time to generate than physical boards. The predictability based on actual data you collect while working on a project is one of the most powerful attributes of Kanban.Online Kanban boards are flexible, customizable, and modernized to achieve greater work management efficiencies. The good news is that nowadays many project management tools, such as Craft, offer digital Kanban boards as a feature.

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