Manage the entire lifecycle of your organization's multi-level OKRs, from ideation through execution. Link them to initiatives and epics, and track their progress seamlessly.


Comprehensive OKR Management

Establish a structured objective hierarchy with our multi-level OKR solution, aligning company and team objectives effortlessly. Link OKRs to initiatives, epics, and features, and create OKR-based roadmaps and dashboards for clear visualization.

track OKRs

OKR Lifecycle management

Ideate and prioritize OKRs to ensure your team focuses on the right objectives. Track their status and progress with best practice methodologies for precise monitoring and strategic adjustments.

Enhanced OKR Representation

Enhance your OKRs with unlimited custom fields for detailed data representation in a table view. Assign objectives and key results to specific quarters, integrating them into a clear, structured roadmap.