Product Management

What are the advantages of Product Management software?

A dedicated product management platform consolidates all the elements in your product planning process, giving you the confidence to make better, more informed product management decisions. With every feature connected across the platform, and direct integration with your dev team’s task management software, you’ll always have all the product data you need at your fingertips.

What’s the best way to plan your product?

To be a successful product manager it is essential to be fully aware of all the features you are working on right now and what you’ve got in the pipeline. A custom-built product management tool like Craft.io can be integrated directly with your dev team’s task management software, significantly improving the level of collaboration while giving you the confidence to stay on top of your product planning.

Why is customer feedback important for product management?

We all like to think we know best when it comes to adapting our products and adding new features. But in reality, there is only so much we can know without checking in with the people that matter most: the customers who use the products on a regular basis. If you want to create successful user-centric products you need to go and find out what the customers like and don’t like and what they really want.

What is a dynamic product roadmap?

A dynamic product roadmap is an interactive product timeline, built using an integrated product management platform like Craft.io. Having your backlog, list of upcoming features, feedback and dev tasks all directly linked to the roadmap streamlines the planning process and supercharges the presentation experience. And the option to share a live version that is always updated ensures the roadmap remains relevant long after you’ve presented it and emailed it to everyone in the room.

What are the advantages of an online Product Roadmap Tool?

Flexibility, connectivity, simplicity and the ability to live share are some of the biggest advantages of using a dedicated product management platform like Craft to create your product roadmap. Rather than using a classic documentation tool like a spreadsheet, an online roadmap tool has a simple user interface designed specifically for product managers and allows you to change any element on the fly, even after it has been shared.

What is the difference between a strategic roadmap and a timeline roadmap?

A timeline roadmap is all about the specific features - it essentially takes your list of features and shows them in a view which makes it clear when you expect each feature to be developed. A strategic roadmap allows you to take a step back and show the overarching goals you have for the product and the initiatives you are planning to implement to achieve those goals. With Craft you can create both types of roadmap and link your features to the strategic roadmap in a couple of clicks.

Can you link your feature backlog to a dynamic roadmap?

One major benefit of a product roadmap tool like Craft’s is that it is fully integrated into the product management platform. That means that it is easy to connect any item in your feature backlog directly with the goals and initiatives that are displayed in your roadmap, creating a 360 degree view of your product management strategy.

How can you share a strategic roadmap?

The key to a great roadmap lies in its connectivity, accessibility and longevity. A dynamic roadmap provides all three of these elements, ensuring a far smoother process throughout its preparation, presentation and maintenance. Instead of emailing a static version of the roadmap to everyone in the presentation meeting, you can send them a live link that will always be kept up to date.


How does the free trial work? Do I need a credit card to try Craft.io?

You can sign up for a free trial, no credit card is required. You will get access to the functionality on the Pro plan for 14 days. Before your trial ends, we will notify you to choose a paid plan to continue using Craft.io.

How do I purchase Craft.io? What forms of payment do you accept – credit card and/or invoicing?

Using all major credit cards, you can buy our Essential and Pro plan through the payment page within your workspace. To purchase our Pro plan for large-scale teams or our Enterprise plan, please book a demo with our sales team to set up invoicing.

What are the different roles and their associated access? Which roles do I pay for?

With our Pro and Enterprise Plans, you pay for the number of editors using Craft.io. Our Pro and Enterprise plans include unlimited free contributor and viewer roles. Contributors can view and comment, viewers can only view the different roadmaps shared with them. With our Essential plan, any user added to any of the workspaces is a paying user, regardless of its assigned user role.

How does adding and removing users work?

An editor (with team leader permissions and higher) on any of the different plans can add or remove users without any limit. For users using a credit card, new editors (on pro) or users (on essential) added on either monthly or yearly plans, will be automatically billed.

How will I be charged for using multiple workspaces?

Opening multiple workspaces is available for editors with admin permissions and are free of charge. Adding an editor to multiple workspaces is not billed as multiple users and will not result in an additional charge. If you manage multiple workspaces, users must be removed from all available workspaces to allow for a discount on the current charge.

Can I change or cancel my plan later on?

We offer a change of plan from Essential to Pro, and the billing cycle (monthly/yearly) through the in-app account settings menu. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. For active subscriptions, cancellation will come into effect at the end of the current billing cycle.

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