Your Guide to Understanding OKRs

Learn the OKR framework and why it’s so effective for product management teams. Identify the right objectives and key results for your team

Product Management vs. Project Management: Why the Difference Matters

Learn the important distinctions between product management and project management — and how to move your company to a product-focused business culture.

Product Prioritization Frameworks and Strategies

Learn what to prioritize, how the experts do it, and some of the most widely used and trusted frameworks for product teams.

Product Strategy: Your Guide to Building a Great One

Learn why product strategy is important, and discover proven models for building your own.

Top Skills for a Product Manager

What hard and soft skills does a Product Manager need to become successful? Learn what it takes to become a great Product Manager.

Product Planning: What it Means and How to Do it Right

Find out how to flow seamlessly through product development with product planning. Ideate, spec, roadmap, and build.

Your Product Backlog Guide: Definitions and Overview

Learn the essential elements of product backlog creation and management, plus best practices for building effective backlogs for your products.

Agile Product Development Explained

Agile product management is where the product manager fits into the agile software development process. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of this framework, the pitfalls to avoid, and the tools you’ll need.

Capacity Planning: a Step-by-Step Guide

Learn the steps of effective capacity planning, and how to use the right tool for the job, to help you eliminate guesswork and plan more accurately.

Product Management

What is product management? What are the roles and responsibilities of this profession, and how can you succeed in the field? This guide walks you through the details.

Product Management vs. Product Portfolio Management

Product portfolio management and product management are often treated as the same job, but they are very different. This guide will cover what each function does, and why portfolio management is so important.

Product Portfolio Management

Product portfolio management is the process of managing a company's portfolio of products to maximize performance and achieve strategic objectives. This guide will cover the benefits, how to choose a PMM solution, and more.

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Everything you need to know about product roadmaps: Why they’re so important, how to prioritize what goes on them, and how to build one from scratch.

Product Management Career Path

What is the product management career path? This guide walks you through the best ways to begin your career in product management and the skills you’ll need.