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Upcoming Sprints

Plan your next Sprints more effectively using the Kanban View — with tasks represented as cards assigned to specific team members.


Robust planning at your fingertips

Highly detailed visualization

Slice and dice cards between sprints

See status per task

Skillfully Manage Your Upcoming Sprints

The Upcoming Sprints View makes it easy to manage your next Sprints by presenting them in a highly visual view that’s simple to understand. Effortlessly move cards between different Sprints and your Backlog to address changing priorities and resource constraints. Switch from Kanban to the Table View to access additional properties and capabilities.

Prioritize and plan more effectively with high-level visualization of your planned Sprints and your backlog.

Why should I use Upcoming Sprints View?

Use the Upcoming Sprints View to quickly take in the items you’re releasing in your next Sprints. This high-level perspective makes it easier to manage your Sprints; easily redistribute tasks to package lighter Sprints or to beef up different Sprints.

How should I use Upcoming Sprints View?

Use the Upcoming Sprints View to get a bird’s-eye view of the items you’ve planned in your next Sprints. Plan your Sprints more effectively with full visibility into all of the items you’re planning in the next Sprints. You can drag and drop tasks between Sprints to compensate for changing priorities or limited resources.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for this view?

Product leaders involved in planning Sprints as well as R&D leaders who want to understand what their workload will look like in the near-future.

What outcomes should I expect from the Upcoming Sprints View?

This view enables you to quickly visualize all of the items you’ve planned in your selected Sprints. This enables you to perform sanity checks to ensure that your Sprints are realistic and to plan and prioritize more effectively.

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