Share your plans, inside and outside the organization

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Views and Layouts

Set your roadmap in a timeline view (the default) or with side-by-side columns. Customize the dates and level of detail. In the timeline view, see multiple products in your portfolio.

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Use swimlanes to create parallel roadmaps for different teams or groups — like product, marketing, and engineering — so you can see how roadmap items align.

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Share Your Roadmaps

Communicate your plans by sharing roadmaps inside or outside your organization. Share a live view via URL, or export a PDF.

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Additional features

  • Drag and drop

    Easily move and change items as you see fit

  • Items Assignment

    Link any item to your high-level plans, directly from the roadmap view

  • Milestones

    Spotlight important dates by adding milestones to your roadmap

  • Roadmap your backlog

    Import your backlog items directly to your roadmap

  • Dateless mode

    Instead of presenting exact dates, show a more general timeframe

  • Visual Customization

    Customize your roadmap’s color, size, and other details

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