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Our Table View is now completely interactive and all terminology is editable With this release we’ve made some significant changes,

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Our Table View is now completely interactive and all terminology is editable

With this release we’ve made some significant changes, improving the Craft experience while keeping the simple user-friendly interface you’re used to.

The Table View has been optimized to become a totally interactive spreadsheet – it’s like having your Excel file fully integrated with all your features, user stories and feedback.

And we’ve unlocked the term “User Story” giving you the flexibility to change it to match your product management methodology.

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Interactive Table View

We know how important it is for product managers to have full access to their list of stories and be able to edit the list on the fly. So the Table view in the Plan > Prioritize section has been given a major upgrade, transforming it into a fully editable, interactive spreadsheet.

Now, every field can be edited directly from the table – making it even easier to manage your product. You can quickly rename any story, move it to a different release, map it to a different strategic goal and much more.

With the new Table View you can:

1. Edit titles directly from the table

There’s no need to open the story editor any more.

2. Edit any field by clicking on it

For example, to move a story to a different release, simply click on the field in the Release column and select a new release from the list.

3. Sort each column directly from the column header

You can also use this menu to move a column left or right, hide the column and add a custom field.

4. View any formula by hovering over a formula field

You can also:

  • Duplicate and delete multiple stories at once, using the checkboxes.
  • Sort the table by title even when the list is grouped.
  • Click on any field in the Feedback column to view the full feedback.

Fully Editable Terminology

Sometimes a small change can have a major impact on your entire product planning process…

Craft always included the option to edit the terminology that underpinned your product – including “Epic,” “Theme” and Release – but “User Story” was seen as a cornerstone of the product management process.

However, we know that many users work with other terminology, so we’ve made the term “User Story” editable.

For example, if you prefer to use the term “Feature” rather than “User Story” you can change it in an instant, giving you the flexibility to implement your preferred methodology.

To edit the terms, hover the cursor over your avatar in the bottom left corner of the screen, click on “Product Settings” and select “Terminology” from the “Settings” menu.

Test out the new

The interactive Table View and editable terminology are both already live in So log in right now and test them out.

And then let us know what you think about these and any other features by adding a comment to our Idea Portal.