New Release: Revolutionizing Workflow Management Software

Elad Simon Published: 30 Nov 2016 Updated: 02 Jul 2023

We’ve just launched a major release, replacing our previous “Backlog” section with a brand new “Build” section. We are continuing our vision to become a truly single place for the entire product creation cycle, and that means giving value to each and every team implementing your product. This release highlights Craft’s advantages as workflow management software.

Multi-Team Workflow Boards

We are super excited to be the first platform out there that enables assigning a single story, requirement or  task to multiple teams and workflows simultaneously. This changes the way we view project management workflow and brings the project management into the heart of the product realm.

Product implementation requires many teams working in parallel on different things to create the best product possible. It can be the Research & Data Science teams working on insights for a new idea, the UX team prototyping it, the Content team preparing a blog post about it while Product marketing making sure they know what is planned for the next press release.

Product Items

We’ve prepared a full view below of all your product Stories, Requirements, Tasks, Improvements and Bugs. You can easily drag items into position, assign values to them and assign them to  a team member or an entire team. Multi-select items to move them to the top of the list, create or assign them to a sprint or a team/member and view their stats. Use the top menu to see released items or navigate to a team/member backlog.


Assigning Items to Teams/Members

You can assign any item to one or more teams or team members. This powerful workflow management tool allows you to have a single item worked on by multiple teams at the same time, each in their specific team’s workflow. Assigned items will appear in the first column of the team / member workflow.

Item Types

Craft now supports the creation of the following item types: Story, Requirement, Task, Improvement and Bug.


Team / Member Backlog

This backlog shows all the items in the product that are not releasing and not assigned to this team or member. You can drag and drop items into the workflow and filter the workflow by a specific sprint by clicking the “eye” icon on the sprint name row.


Working Scrum or Kanban

You can set up a Scrum or Kanban working mode per team. When Kanban is selected, Craft will hide any sprints defined in your product and will let you set the maximum number of items per each of the team’s workflow columns.


BONUS: get free Kanban board template at Craft Templates library

Team Workflow Customization

You can customize each of your teams’ workflows. The workflow you set for a team will be inherited by any of its members.


Quick Search and Prioritization

Use the search and filters to show only items relevant to your current task in hand. For example here is how you create a sprint from a relevant part of an Epic and assign it to your UX team in just a few seconds:


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