Essential Slack Integrations for Product Managers

Why can’t we all just get along? Many of us in the agile world nurture the fantasy of that one

Elad Simon CEO, Craft

2 mins read

Why can’t we all just get along?

Many of us in the agile world nurture the fantasy of that one product management tool to rule them all. We can keep dreaming. When each platform serves even a minor different purpose, we’re doomed to keep integrating, chasing after API’s and choosing solutions by who and what they sync with.

Here are the top Slack integrations we find our product team can’t do without:

Google Drive

The Google Drive integration with Slack simply helps run things more smoothly. Import files into Slack, get previews, share files more securely, get notifications and even get the occasional release note from the Google Drive bot.


The Trello – Slack integration essentially lets you work Trello from inside Slack, sparing team members the need to go back and forth between tabs. You can manage your Trello cards from within Slack, open Trello links from within Slack and save a lot of toggling.


By far one of the coolest Slack integrations out there, Zapier automates integrations and saves countless hours on building API’s or hunting them down. Through Zapier, you can connect Slack to a bunch of product management apps that do or don’t yet have Slack integrations – like Gmail, YouTube, Basecamp and more.


Bring your product designs and discussions inside Slack, helping to keep track of conversations. The Slack – InVision helps team members stay updated on the latest versions, and share individual screens. Your UX team will love you for it.


With the help of the shiny new  Craft <> Zapier integration, get notifications on Slack for new Craft items and create Craft items from starred Slack messages. In short – stay updated and in control of items from both platforms, on both platforms.


For teams working remotely, this Zoom – Slack integration is a must-have. Start audio and video calls from within Slack, share meeting summaries and bypass the need to hop back and forth between calendars for the right link


If you want to get your developers using Slack regularly, get the GitHub – Slack integration. They can get updates on new commits, new issues, code reviews and deployment statuses.  Help them stay in touch with what’s happening in their repositories without losing touch with the product team.


Is fun essential? We think so. At lease this kind of fun. The Giphy – Slack integrations offers instant access to Giphy’s endless hilarious GIFs. The team can punctuate messages with them, respond with GIFs and keep the mood light and friendly, even in the face of impending release craziness.

Zendesk/Help Scout/Groove

Pick your help desk platform of choice – and integrate it with Slack. Manage support tickets from within Slack, get notifications, and maintain spectacular customer support satisfaction from the comfort of your own Slack channel.

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