What is a total addressable market?

The total addressable market (TAM), sometimes known as the total available market, refers to the magnitude of the financial opportunity that a specific product or service provides. The total addressable market is also defined as the sum of all potential customers. You can say that TAM refers to the amount of money a company or organization could expect to produce if it had 100 percent market share and reached every relevant client in its markets.

The Importance of Total Addressable Market

The notion of a total addressable market is significant for startups and established organizations because it allows them to select specific products, client segments, and business possibilities based on estimates of effort and capital required. Corporate management can use the total addressable market to give a viable value proposition to potential investors and buyers of the business.

Furthermore, It’s worth noting that estimating a product or service’s total addressable market is not the same as predicting revenue. As an alternative, it serves as a tool for businesses to gauge the size of the existing marketplace.

It is doubtful that any business, even those operating in specialized markets with just one or two competitors, will achieve even a fraction of their maximal revenue potential. While still a vital tool for understanding the demand for a product or service before committing time and resources to develop it, it is less helpful in making confirmed forecasts about future growth and income.

The Benefits of Employing The Total Addressable Market Metric

Before embarking on any new business venture, consider the total available market for any product or service. No entrepreneur or investor can afford to take a risk without first doing their research. Using the total addressable market, you may acquire an accurate idea of the possible future profits that investment could provide.

You can reveal a new venture’s reality and determine its viability by devoting the necessary time to calculate the total addressable market. Getting carried away by ideas or prospects can lead to rash decisions, which can be costly in the long run if there is no genuine foundation (or market) on which to establish a business.


As a result of using TAM, You may realize that there are fewer opportunities to flourish in the current market than you anticipated or were led to think. This would prevent you from wasting your money on a fruitless venture with little prospect of generating a significant return on your investment (ROI).

Calculating the total addressable market, on the other hand, can reveal that a product or service’s potential is significantly more extensive than previously thought. You may require additional funds or resources to make the most of it. Therefore, information on the whole addressable market can assist in securing money from institutional investors.

Furthermore, the total addressable market considers the goods and consumer segments that the startup has yet to explore. The assessment aids in determining the actual size of the potential market and the level of competition for the startup’s products.

How to Calculate Your Total Addressable Market

It is possible to compute the total addressable market in various methods. Hers are some key examples of such practices:


This method begins by considering the total number of people, corporations, or other targets in the world at the outset. You use geographic, demographic, and economic variables to exclude unavailable candidates. This provides you with a realistic scope of potential for the whole addressable market in question.


Through a granular approach, this procedure starts with a modest computation and gradually expands to a more extensive range of values. You can test your hypothesis on a small group of hypothetical buyers or conduct actual market research before implementing it on a much larger audience.

The theory of values

This is the ideal option for new items that have no previous counterparts to whom you may compare them. To calculate the total addressable market, you must determine the amount of additional value that goods provide, followed by how much the buyer would be ready to pay.

Estimating the market size, overall investment amount, competition, expected growth, and the available market size is part of creating a credible value offer. All of this is possible using a total addressable market. When a private equity firm wants to buy a startup company, you can use a total addressable market to assess the income generation potential of a company’s product or service.

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