What is product management talent?

Product management talent describes qualified candidates who have great potential to fill up the production team. Recruiting top product management talent is necessary because it is the foundation for creating market-leading products and the company’s success.

The innovation and competition in different spheres are ever-growing. Therefore, tech companies should formulate ways of attracting and retaining top product management talent.

Why Is Product Management Talent Necessary?

The success of any company or organization relies heavily on the talent of the production team and the management. The production manager is viewed as the top talent in the entire process.

Every organization that is envisioning the success of its company should invest substantially in developing a rigorous hiring process.

When hiring, the organization should not only look out for the candidate’s skills, but both sides must match. The process should have defined expectations from both parties, shared values, and well-defined goals.

Poor hiring strategies and shortage of talents can negatively impact the momentum and eventually the profitability and growth of the organization.

How to Approach a Product Management Talent?

It is impossible to hire a ready product management talent in most cases. The best product leaders focus on growing and developing the potential candidate’s skills. To achieve this, you must have a repeatable, structured process and set expectations.

When looking for a product management talent, you should diversify your options. Look for the candidate from a pool of talents. Employ various interviewing methods such as face to face, phone interviews, screen, and group interviews.

What to Look For In a Candidate?

Before you embark on searching for product management talent, you need to evaluate your current team. Identify the strengths and weaknesses, check the skills that are lacking and what you already have in the domain expertise. What do you intend to hire, generalists or a highly specialized team?

Where Can I Search for Product Management Talent?

Generally, you can find the product management talent candidate in four ways:

1. Proactive applicants – these are applicants applying for the position following an advertisement you put out.

2. Social and product discovery – When you do not know the candidate personally, a mutual acquaintance has connected you.

3. Personal network- It is when you know the candidate, and you have reached out to analyze their interests.

4. Passive Discovery – Here, you just come across someone who matches the skills you want from random platforms such as LinkedIn and other social media platforms.


Hiring the top product management talent is a rigorous process that companies must undertake carefully. It does not necessarily mean hiring the candidate with the best qualifications. You can hire a potential candidate you train around your products to become the talent you want. Use diverse sources to help you find the right and the best talent. The organization’s success depends on the skills of the workers, especially the product managers. Hiring a product management professional should be on the top of the list for outstanding leadership.

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