What is the term “the user is drunk”?


The Meaning Of “The User Is Drunk”

“The user is drunk” is an intriguing concept in product management and user experience design: it refers to creating websites or software that is so simple to use that even someone under the influence of alcohol can use it.

To me, an idea or a process that enables teams to evaluate a site or product by simply imagining the experience through the eyes of a drunk person is more than just an idea or a method. The phrase “the user is drunk” could allude to assigning an inebriated user to test the product and report on their experience.

Even though one of the most unconventional product testing methods, “the user testing while intoxicated,” may be a great way to see how well-designed a website, app, tool, or another piece of software is.

Getting a drunk user to test your website or solution is the primary premise of The User Is Drunk. That’s all there is to it. You observe the inebriated user and make a list of their issues. You can presume that your product is basic enough if they don’t encounter significant problems.

On his website, Littauer advertises the service. When it was first presented, it became an instant hit. The developer was so swamped with requests for his services that he had to cease taking new ones. You can also use social events for drunk user testing. Participants are served drinks (and sometimes food) in this setting. While user researchers take notes, members of the product team interact with the individuals.

The Origins Of The Phrase “The User Is Drunk”

Richard Littauer inspired the “the user is drunk” concept. Littauer, a user experience professional and full-stack developer, suddenly had the notion of offering businesses an unusual service: the option to hire him to conduct in-depth reviews of their product (whether it be a website or an app) while intoxicated.

It was a basic set-up, which Littauer portrayed as a practical joke. Even though he expected it to be forgotten, he created a well-organized web presence to promote it. Littauer was taken aback when the site went viral, and several well-known websites interviewed him.

He experienced a surge of orders in response to his unique brand of drunken product reviews, and he has continued to provide the service ever since.

What Are The Advantages Of Using The Phrase “The User Is Drunk”?

There are several advantages to using the phrase “the user is drunk”:

●      It advises product designers to keep their websites and mobile applications as simple as possible as a first step. Especially when a team has been working on a project for months and has grown so accustomed to its design, they have lost sight of how first-time users would react to the final result. For example, the layout may be far more complicated and irritating than anticipated, causing the intended audience to lose interest in the product after it is delivered.

●      Teams are more inclined to cut phases in the user experience that aren’t necessary when building a product with an intoxicated individual in mind. They can focus on reducing the amount of unnecessary clutter that obstructs the user experience and on discovering new and better ways to improve it while maintaining a focus on simplicity.

●      Another advantage of the “the user is drunk” approach is that it makes producing things for preoccupied consumers easier. People may surf the internet or use an app while watching TV, waiting for an elevator, or doing anything else that takes their total concentration. This means that they will not always give it their full attention. Customers are bound to become distracted at some point; therefore, teams may use this notion to ensure that their website is enjoyable and straightforward.

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