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Bug Status by Product

Manage the quality of your products more effectively by instantly visualizing all of the open bugs for a specific product, grouped by importance.


Prioritize quality

Stay on top of QA

Efficient bug tracking

Quality-driven framework

Centralized Product Quality View

Stay on top of bug resolution progress by instantly visualizing all open bugs for a specific product in one centralized location. Quickly access critical bug data like release date, assignee, importance and dev status. Easily share product quality status with stakeholders to ensure that everyone is aligned regarding expectations. Prioritize product quality by ensuring that critical bugs are promptly handled and are assigned to the right team member.

Why should I use the Bug Status by Product View?

Use this view to quickly get up to date regarding any open bugs for a specific product. You’ll be able to see important data like bug creation date, importance, assignee and expected release date. Easily dive into the details by double-clicking on a bug to access all of its specs.

How should I use the Bug Status by Product View?

Start off by selecting the product you want visualized when you add the view to your Personal Workspace. You’ll instantly see a table view of all the reported, open bugs for that product including relevant data. Easily track progress and stay on top of debugging efforts by accessing important info like bug creation date, assignee, release date and importance. You can edit the details of any bug to accommodate for new priorities or changes in resource availability.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for this view?

This view is relevant for product leaders, QA managers and anyone else interested in monitoring the product quality of a specific product.

What outcomes should I expect from the Bug Status by Product View?

You’ll benefit from full transparency into the status of all the open bugs for your selected product. You’ll be able to manage product quality more effectively by easily monitoring progress and centralizing all relevant data into an easy to access, shareable view.

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