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Bug Status

Quickly get updated, track the dev status and see other important issues regarding open bugs across all of your products.

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Focus on product quality

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In-depth bug tracking and monitoring

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Prioritize critical bugs

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Centralized view of all bugs

Single Source of Truth for Product Quality

Simplify QA management and optimize bug resolution by instantly visualizing all of the recorded bugs — and their related data — across all of your different products and features. Make sure you’ve got the right personnel assigned, monitor and track progress, define criticality and see when fixes will be released. Centralize all of your product quality issues into one place to ensure that you stay on top of any QA issue that may negatively impact your product.

Why should I use the Bug Status View?

You should use this view to quickly get insights into the open bugs across your different products. You can see when the bug was first created, who is assigned to fix it, its level of importance, its dev status and more.

How should I use the Bug Status View?

Just add the view to your Personal Workspace and you’ll see all of the reported bugs across all of your products, grouped by importance. You can update the importance of any bug to reflect new priorities and change the assignee according to your available resources.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for this view?

Product leaders and other executives interested in tracking the quality of their products are all relevant stakeholders for this view. In addition, QA managers who want high-level visualization of their workload across your products can use this view to centralize all open bugs into one place.

What outcomes should I expect from the Bug Status View?

This view will enable you to gain more visibility into the status of your open bugs. You can use it as a centralized interface for managing your debugging efforts.

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