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Customer Segmentation

Easily visualize and plan your product offering per each of your targeted customer segments by mapping your Epics to their relevant Customer Segment — Enterprise, Mid-market, or SMB.


Cater to the unique needs of each segment

Segment-focused task prioritization

High-level task management

Differentiate your offering

Deliver More Value to Your Customers

Use the Customer Segmentation view to visualize and manage your product offering for each of your customer segments. Quickly understand how your product changes according to the segment you’re addressing. Easily adapt your offering by simply dragging and dropping Epics between the different segments. Develop a unique offering per each segment by developing features that meet each one’s unique needs.

Why should I use the Customer Segmentation view?

You should use Customer Segmentation prioritization to understand how your product is differentiated according to the customer segments that you target. You can also use it to confirm that your prioritization decisions are aligned with the product strategy. If you’re currently focusing on SMBs, but most of your planned features are for Enterprise, you’ll see it in the Customer Segmentation view.

How should I use the Customer Segmentation view?

Divvy up your items according to the customer segments that they cater to. You can use craft.io’s preconfigured, B2B focused segments — Enterprise, Mid-market, and SMB — or customize the view to suit your organization's unique customer segments.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for this view?

Show this view to executives and other leaders to give them an idea of how your product strategy provides value to the different segments that you’re targeting.

What outcomes should I expect when using this view?

This view provides a clear perspective into how much effort and how many resources you’re investing in each customer segment. Use it to double-check that the items you’re developing are aligned with the product strategy.

What are the origins of Customer Segmentation?

Evidence suggests that customer segmentation has been around since the Bronze Age, when prehistoric traders segmented their offerings according to their expected routes. In modern times, segmentation got started during the 1920s, when the market matured to the point that manufacturer could produce models with different offerings to meet the needs of different segments.

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