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Epic’s Items View

Quickly visualize all of the items in a specific Epic so that you can manage your dev efforts more effectively.


Drill down into your Epics

See all of your Epics’ items

Visualize Epics items’ statuses

See who’s working on your items

Get A Bird’s Eye View of Your Epic

Manage your Epics more effectively with a high-level view of all of the product data for each of its items. Instantly understand how your Epic is progressing by visualizing all of its different items at once. Reallocate resources and update releases according to changing needs and after taking in the dev status of every item and when it’s planned for release.

Why should I use the Epic’s Items View?

Use this view to quickly visualize all of the items you’ve defined within a specific Epic. Understand which resources are working on which items and when each one is planned for release.

How should I use the Epic’s Items View?

When adding the view, select which Epic you want to visualize. The selected Epic will be added to your Personal Views and display all of the items that are slated into it. You’ll see the dev status, the resources, the planned release and all other relevant product data. You can easily edit any other aspect of the item to suit your latest needs and priorities.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for the Epic’s Items View?

Product leaders should use this view to see the status of the different items for a specific Epic.

What outcomes should I expect when using this view?

This view enables you to quickly see when a specific Epic will be ready. You’ll be able to understand where there’s a bottleneck or if additional resources are required to get the Epic ready on time.

What’s the origin of SAFe WSJF Prioritization?

This prioritization method is based on Shortest Job First which was invented in the 70s when computing resources were scarce and expensive. The Weighted aspect of the calculation was added by Don Reinstern as a way of making the most out of software teams’ efforts.

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