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Feature Bucket

Develop a more balanced, well-rounded product by classifying items that impact the same metrics into groups or ‘buckets’.


Satisfy stakeholders

Move the needle on key metrics

Develop customer-centric features

Created by Adam Nash (formerly VP Product at Dropbox)

Prioritize Business Metrics and Customer Satisfaction

Use the Feature Bucket view to focus your development efforts towards features that stimulate business growth and create a better customer experience. ‘Metric movers’ are items that can significantly impact key metrics. ‘Customer Requests’ collects items that were requested by your users. And the ‘Customer Delight’ bucket represents items that will delight customers, although these requests don’t necessarily come from the users themselves.

Why should I use Feature Bucket prioritization?

You should use Feature Bucket prioritization when you’re trying to confirm that your Roadmap is aligned with your core strategic priorities. If there are too many features in buckets focused on the customer while your company’s current objectives are more about breaking into a new category, you may need to reconsider your decisions.

How should I use Feature Bucket prioritization?

Configure each of your roadmap items into one of the following 3 buckets used by Dropbox — Metric Movers, Customer Requests, Customer Delighters. Once you have everything set up, it’ll be easy to understand where the impact of your releases will be felt most.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for this view?

Product leadership and company executives should use this view to confirm that the features being developed are in line with the overall product strategy.

What outcomes should I expect when using this view?

This view allows you to perform sanity checks on your roadmap to ensure that the items you’re developing are aligned with the product strategy. We know that building products is an evolutionary process, and it’s easy to lose sight of your objectives when you’re responding to changing priorities and customer needs. Using this view allows you to step back and understand if the decisions you’ve made are keeping you on the right path.

What’s the origin of this view?

This simple classification framework was originally conceived of by Adam Nash while he was VP Product at Dropbox. According to him, Features Buckets are a great way to force product professionals to be completely upfront with themselves and others regarding why they’re implementing a certain feature.

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