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Features by Importance

Focus your efforts on developing the items that are critically important to your product’s success.


Quickly see and set importance for items

Product-centric approach

Prioritize important items

Develop the items that matter

Put Your Product At the Top of Your Priorities

Analyze your items according to their importance and impact on the product. Quickly set and change items’ importance according to changing needs. Drag and drop items between columns to change their status or edit directly on the item card itself. Group by Importance and Sort by Status to quickly understand where your product stands.

Why should I use Features by Importance view?

Use the Features by Importance view to quickly understand which of your items will have the most impact on your product. You can use the view to prioritize high importance items or to gain perspective into the relative importance of the items in your backlog.

How should I use Features by Importance view?

Define the importance of each one of your items according to its level of importance to the product or feature you’re developing — Blocker, High, Medium or Low. Items that are of critical importance, meaning that the product can’t be delivered without them, are Blockers. Drag and drop each item’s card into the relevant column or click on the item and update its importance in the right hand panel.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for this view?

Any stakeholder interested in prioritization can use this view to understand the reasoning behind your product decisions.

What outcomes should I expect when using this view?

Use this view to check whether the features you are developing will provide impact and value to the product. This view helps with backlog grooming by presenting a clear perspective regarding the importance of all of your backlogged items.

What’s the origin of this view?

This is actually one of our favorite views here at craft.io. We created it for the craft.io platform to ensure that we didn’t spend time developing items that weren’t really important.

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