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Impact Roadmap

Visualize the impact and purpose of each of your items to keep the ‘why’ behind what you’re developing front and center when you’re planning and prioritizing.


Focus on the business impact

Prioritize the why

Avoid feature creep

Align plans with goals

Focus on the Impact and Purpose

It’s easy to lose sight of your goals amidst the chaos of product management. Make sure you keep your eye on the prize when you’re planning and prioritizing with the Impact Roadmap View. Define the purpose and justification of each item under consideration to ensure that you prioritize the features that support your goals. Justify your prioritization by aligning each item with a specific purpose like a game-changing experience, marketing request, blocker, or better customer experience.

Why should I use the Impact Roadmap View?

You should use the Impact Roadmap View when you want to visualize the business impact of your items. Easily review the expected business impact — and reason that the item is being requested — while you’re making prioritization decisions. While you’re reviewing, you can adjust the status of each item according to your prioritization decisions.

How should I use the Impact Roadmap View?

Select the Release that you’re prioritizing when you add the view. Once it’s been added, go over every item under consideration and define its purpose. We’ve put Game Changer, Marketing, Better Experience and Blocker in the drop down, but you can customize it to reflect the types of purposes that best fit your approach. Next, add context in the ‘Why’ column by describing the reason you need the item or the source of its original request, or whatever else you think will provide the details you need to make your prioritization decisions.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for this view?

Product leaders looking to generate a high-impact release can use this view to ensure that the items they prioritize all support the objectives that they’ve set out to conquer. Management can use this view to see how your product development efforts help them achieve the overall company strategy.

What outcomes should I expect when using this view?

This view allows you to easily display the potential impact of an item to any interested parties. You can use it to perform sanity checks to ensure that the items you’re considering will bring you closer to achieving your goals.

What’s the origin of this view?

Gojko Adzic invented Impact Mapping in the 2012 release of his aptly named book — Impact Mapping.

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