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My Items

Plan and prioritize your time more effectively by instantly seeing all of your tasks and items in one easy-to-understand view.


Plan your work

Prioritize important items

Visualize your workload

See the status of all your items

Get A Bird’s Eye View of All Your Items

The My Items View makes it easy for you to understand exactly what it is you have on your plate by centralizing and visualizing all of your tasks in one table. Take in the status and the timing of each of your items so that you know where it stands and when you need to start working on it.

How should I use the My Items view?

Use the My Items view to instantly see all of the different items that are assigned to you. Group by Epics to see if you have any Open Tasks that need your attention for specific Epics. You can update items’ status and importance to reflect progress and changing priorities.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for the My Items view?

You are the most important stakeholder for this view. Use it as a personal organizer to quickly see all of your ‘To Dos’. You can also send this view to your manager as a real-time status report of your work. That way, they can see what you’ve got going on and also see the items that you’ve completed.

What outcome should I expect for the My Items view?

This view allows you to quickly gain clarity regarding all of your open tasks for upcoming releases, specific Epics, and more.

What’s the origin of the My Items view?

No one actually ever coined the name of the My Items view. It’s a view that we put together for the entire craft.io team so that they could instantly view their open tasks for a specific day, week, or release.

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