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My Team

Plan and prioritize your team’s workload more effectively using a high-level view of all of the tasks — and their respective statuses — assigned to each one of the members on your team.


Allocate work more effectively

High-level visualization

Cross team status updates

Prioritize high value items

Instant Updates Across Your Entire Team

Use the My Team View to see all of the items — and their status — for everyone on your team so that you can more effectively plan and prioritize their workload. Quickly understand which items are included in the next Sprint to ensure that you’ve got everything you need to get it done on time.

Why should I use the My Team table view?

Use the My Teams table view to get a real-time update regarding all of the assigned tasks for your entire team. Instantly take in the workload for every member of your team to better understand your capacity and available resources. You can see the status of each item and the Sprint it’s related to help you prioritize tasks in light of upcoming deadlines.

How should I use My Team table view?

Quickly allocate tasks and assign items to your team members more effectively with full visibility into their current workload. Instantly update statuses and importance in accordance with fast changing priorities and available resources.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for this table view?

Team managers are the most relevant stakeholder for the view as it provides them with full transparency into open tasks, available resources and upcoming deadlines across their entire team.

What outcomes should I expect when using this table view?

This view allows you to more effectively allocate tasks and assign items to your team members. Use this view to get instant visibility into the workloads across your entire team. Understand what resources are available to you and when important deadlines that are relevant to you and your team are coming up.

What’s the origin of this view?

The My Teams table view has probably always been in use in one form or another as a way for managers to keep tabs on their teams. We created it in craft.io when we started working in remote, distributed models as a way for our managers to stay on top of the workloads of their team members, wherever they were in the world.

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