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Objectives Overview

Visualize your roadmap according to the objectives you’re trying to achieve. Instantly see the dev status of each item to understand where you stand with each objective.


Visualize your strategy

Focus on objectives, not features

Eliminate feature creep

Build features that matter

Focus on Developing the Items that Matter

Make sure you’re developing items that support your — and your company’s — objectives with the Objectives Overview View. Benefit from a high-level view of your strategy broken down into objectives and quickly understand how the items your teams are developing support each one. Shift priorities to focus on different objectives according to the changing needs of your organization and your available resources.

Why should I use the Objectives Overview View?

You should use the Objectives Overview View when you want to make sure that the features you’re developing are aligned with the company’s objectives and overall strategy. If you have items under consideration that don’t align with any of your objectives, then you should seriously think about removing them from the release.

How should I use the Objectives Overview View?

Configure your columns to reflect your and your company’s objectives. Increasing revenue or reducing churn are both great examples of company objectives. Go through all of the items under consideration for a release and drag and drop them into their relevant objective’s column.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for this view?

This view is relevant for product teams and executive management who want to understand how product development efforts support the overall company objectives. Product teams specifically can use this view to perform sanity checks that ensure that features that aren’t aligned with your objectives aren’t developed.

What outcomes should I expect from using this view?

You should expect a clear visualization of how each one of your items ties in to your objectives and to the company’s overall strategy.

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