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Peers and Teams

Benefit from a high-level view of your colleagues’ and teams’ assigned items and their respective dev statuses. Use the Peers and Teams View to quickly take-in everyone’s workload, so that you can plan and prioritize more effectively.


See items for selected users

High-level visualization

See status per each task

Instantly understand dependencies and timelines

Quickly Understand What Everyone’s Working On

Easily add users to the Peers and Teams View to see all of their assigned items and each one’s respective status. Change status and update item release dates to suit changing priorities and to more effectively balance the workload between different teams and individuals. A wide choice of Grouping, Sorting and Filtering options gives you the flexibility you need to visualize the workload more effectively and make better informed decisions.

Why should I use the Peers and Teams prioritization view?

You should use the Peers and Teams view when you want to understand workloads and resource availability for different team members and colleagues. Items are automatically grouped by the individual or teams that they’re assigned to.

How should I use the Peers and Teams prioritization view?

Quickly see all items and their corresponding statuses, assignees, Epics, importance and associated sprint for individual team members or entire teams. You can instantly update statuses and reallocate tasks according to changing priorities and available resources.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for this view?

This view is relevant to team leaders and department heads who are looking to quickly understand who’s working on what. This detailed view is great for dividing tasks up and for gauging resource availability, but less so for communicating product plans and priorities.

What outcomes should I expect when using the Peers and Teams prioritization view?

This view provides you with a bird’s-eye view of the tasks for all individuals across all of your workspaces.

What’s the origin of the Peers and Teams view?

This is another great view courtesy of the team here at craft.io. We use this view when planning new sprints and releases so that we can see what everyone is working on and understand how many resources and how much capacity we have available.

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