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Platform Segmentation

Cut down on redundant work and increase your team’s visibility into their progress by mapping out your features according to their segmented platform — mobile, desktop, or tablet.


Boost transparency

Instant updates

High-level view

Effective planning and prioritization

Visualize Progress Across All Your Platforms

Use the Platform Segmentation View to quickly understand the status of your progress across all of its targeted platforms. Quickly shuffle resources to ensure that products will be ready for launch across all platforms. Leverage Groups, Filters and Sorting to visualize the status of each epic, item and platform.

Why should I use the Platform Segmentation View?

Today’s products are often created for a variety of different platforms. Use the Platform Segmentation view to map your features to their relevant platforms so you can clearly understand the progress of the product across each of its different platforms.

How should I use the Platform Segmentation View?

Go over each of the items in your backlog and connect them to the platform or platforms that they are relevant to — either desktop, mobile, or tablet. You can group by product to see progress for each of its items across all the different platforms.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for this view?

This view is mostly for planning and prioritization, so it’s mostly relevant to product managers and their teams. It can also be a useful view to get insights into progress that will enable you to coordinate your efforts across the different platforms to ensure a fully-packaged release.

What outcomes should I expect when using the Platform Segmentation View?

Use the Platform Segmentation view to get clarity into progress across all desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms for a specific product.

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