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Product Timeline

Benefit from a high-level view of your product plans by visualizing your upcoming Epics on a timeline — manage your Epics more skillfully and show the dependencies between them.

Product timeline

Display deadlines

High-level perspective

Communicate priorities

Visualize efforts

Strategically Communicate Priorities and Deadlines

Show your team — and the entire company — your future plans for the product by displaying its Epics on a timeline! Easily display dependencies between Epics and communicate which initiatives your teams will be working on next. Drill-down into each Epic’s details by double-clicking on the relevant one. You can easily make changes and directly edit Epics on the fly to adjust for fast-changing priorities and limited resources.

Why should I use the Product Timeline View?

Use the Product Timeline to boost transparency into your product plans. You can visualize your priorities, communicate start and end points of your different Epics and show the dependencies between different Epics.

How should I use the Product Timeline View?

Select the Product you want to visualize when you add the view and you’ll instantly see its different Epics — and the dependencies between them — on a detailed timeline. Manage release dates by llging and dropping Epics to different points on the timeline. Make adjustments by double clicking on an Epic and editing its details. Change your perspective by Grouping by Epics or filtering.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for this view?

This view is relevant for large audiences interested in seeing your long-term product development plan. You can also use it to show executive leadership your priorities, which are communicated according to their place on the timeline, and to your dev team so that they commit to the timeframes you’ve put in place.

What outcomes should I expect when using this view?

This view should enable you to communicate the priority of your Epics according to their place on the timeline. You’ll also be able to show dev teams the time frames for each of the Epics so that they can understand how long they’re going to be working on each one. Lastly, you can use expect to be able to display when each Epic will be completed.

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