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Release Dev Status — ADO

Skillfully manage your Releases and make sure you hit your deadlines with real-time visualization of your Releases’ ADO dev statuses directly in craft.io.


Plan more effectively

Stay on top of progress

Real-time updates

Eliminate bottlenecks

Track Dev Progress Across Your Releases

Stay on top of dev progress across all of the items, in all of your Releases. Leverage a dedicated view, focused on the real-time dev status of your items, to eliminate last minute surprises and remove bottlenecks before they put your deliveries at risk. Get insights into who is working on which task, and quickly allocate more resources to ensure that your critical items are developed on time.

Why should I use the Release Dev Status — ADO View?

Use this view when you want to quickly take in the real-time dev status of the different items in your Releases. With this view, you’ll be able to see if there are any snags, or potential bottlenecks that can put your deliveries at risk.

How should I use Release Dev Status — ADO view?

Before you can use this view, make sure that you’ve connected craft.io to the ADO API so that any changes made by dev are automatically updated in craft.io. After you’ve taken care of that, all you have to do is add the view to benefit from real-time dev status updates across all of the items in your Releases.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for this view?

This view great for product team leaders who want to see the real-time dev status of their items as they’re reflected in ADO. It’s also a useful view for anyone interested in seeing how items are progressing, but don’t want, or have the credentials, to use ADO.

What outcomes should I expect when using this view?

Expect an itemized breakdown of the different items in your release including real-time dev status updates.

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