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Role Capacity Planning

Meet your deadlines and quickly determine if you need more resources by using the Role Capacity Planning View to see each team member’s workload alongside their overall work capacity.


Get visibility into your team’s capacity

Balance supply and demand

Efficiently shuffle resources

Improve long-term strategic planning

Manage Your Resources More Effectively

Define the capacity for each member of your team according to their availability and ability to deliver. Then breakdown the effort required by each role for each task to understand how to distribute each team member’s workload. Add or remove the amount of capacity each member should devote per task according to your changing priorities. Easily add new custom roles to suit your team’s unique composition.

Why should I use the Role Capacity Planning view?

You should use the Role Capacity Planning prioritization view to see how much capacity each of your different teams have in accordance with the tasks that you assign them. You’ll be able to see how each task impacts the capacity of your teams and plan accordingly.

How should I use the Role Capacity Planning view?

To start off, set the capacity for each one of the roles that you’ve defined in the view. The view comes preset with 3 roles — backend, frontend and UX — but you can add, remove and customize the roles in the view to suit the specific roles in your team. Once you’ve established the capacity of your roles, go through the items under consideration and define the effort required by each of your different roles to develop them. See how adding or removing the items affects each role’s capacity and then decide which items to prioritize to maximize the output of your delivery.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for the Role Capacity Planning view?

This view is relevant to any stakeholder involved in planning the items being developed. You can use it to justify prioritization of specific items that enable you to maximize the resources you have available to you.

What outcomes should I expect when using this view

The Role Capacity planning view will provide you with full visibility into how much capacity each item requires from the different members of your team. Use it to optimize the output of your teams by ensuring that they make full use of their capacity and to understand if you have enough resources to meet your deadlines.

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