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Team Capacity Planning

Effectively distribute the workload and plan and prioritize items across all of your teams according to your existing capacity. Make sure you have the right skills in place and enough manpower to get the job done on time.


Assess capacity across multiple dimensions

Ensure availability

Identify skill shortages

Eliminate guesswork in prioritization

Make Sure You Have the Resources to Deliver the Goods

Define the capacity of each one of your teams and the effort required to develop each one of your tasks. The effort is deducted from the team’s capacity until all resources have been allocated. Use the Team Capacity Planning view to quickly understand how your resources stack up to demand and to figure out if you have enough people on your teams to handle the work on your plate.

Why should I use the Team Capacity Planning View?

With the Team Capacity Planning you can quickly understand how each item you develop impacts the capacity of each one of your teams. Use Team Capacity Planning to plan a release that makes optimal use of your teams’ capacity.

How should I use the Team Capacity Planning View?

First define the capacity across all of your different teams. You can set capacity to a maximum of 999 for each. Then, go through each of your items and designate the amount of capacity each will require from your different teams. You can toggle the Out/In button to see how adding or removing a specific item affects each team’s capacity. Plan an optimal release by finding the sweet spot that makes optimal use of all of your teams’ capacity.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for this view?

This view is relevant to any personnel involved in planning releases. You can also use the view to justify your prioritization to any stakeholders who are interested in why you chose a certain item over another.

What outcomes should I expect from this view?

Use this view to ensure that you have enough capacity to deliver high-quality products and meet your deadlines. You’ll also be able to plan releases that make optimal use of the resources you have available to you.

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