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Team Member Capacity

Plan and distribute like a pro by allocating tasks among your team members according to each individual’s available capacity. Quickly understand if you have enough capacity to get the job done on time.


Prioritize according to capacity

Identify resource shortages

Balance demand and capacity

Maximize output

Verify that you Have the Capacity Needed to Meet Demand

Quickly determine if your team has the resources it needs to get everything done on time. Start by figuring out how much capacity each individual member of your team can deliver in a given release. Then, go through your tasks and calculate the effort required from each team member to develop them. Toggle the Out/In button to add or remove tasks and see how each action impacts available capacity. Find the perfect balance between high priority items and optimal resource allocation for each release.

Why should I use the Team Member Capacity Planning View?

Use the Team Member Capacity Planning View to ensure that you make optimal use of your team’s capacity. You can perform sanity checks to verify that you have enough resources you need to deliver all of the items you’ve committed to, on time.

How should I use the Team Member Capacity Planning View?

After adding the view, update the columns with the names of your team members. Add as many columns as you need to reflect the size of your team. Determine how much capacity each individual team member has for a given release. Take into account vacation days, learning curves and anything else that may impact capacity. Next, go through all the items in that same release and calculate how much effort will be required from each member to develop it. Toggle the Out/In button to see how adding or removing each item impacts each member’s capacity.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for this view?

This view is great for planning a release, so product and R&D leaders are relevant stakeholders. You can also show this view to executives who want to understand why you’re requesting additional resources.

What outcomes can I expect from this view?

This view will enable you to determine whether your team has enough capacity to meet its deadlines. You can also use this view to optimize resource allocation across different releases.

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