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Upcoming Releases by Epics

Easily and quickly manage your product more effectively by instantly visualizing all of your upcoming releases — and their associated Epics.


Visualize upcoming releases

High-level planning framework

Move Epics between releases

See dev status of each Epic

Centralized Visualization of Your Upcoming Releases

Make better prioritization and planning decisions with a centralized visualization of all of your upcoming releases. High-level visualization of your upcoming releases makes it easy to manage them more effectively. Simple drag and drop functionality lets you add or remove Epics from releases according to fast-changing priorities and resource limitations. See and update the dev status of each Epic to keep track of progress and ensure that everyone is aligned.

Why should I use the Upcoming Releases – Epics View?

Use this view to quickly visualize your upcoming releases and the Epics within each one. Centralized, high-level visualization makes it easier to take in your plans and manage them more effectively. Adjust your plans by moving Epics between different releases.

How should I use the Upcoming Releases – Epics View?

First of all, select the Releases that you want to visualize when you add the view to your Personal Views. The view will be added with your selected releases as columns; their associated Epics will be visible beneath the relevant release. Quickly see the dev status of each Epic, and double-click the pencil at the top right corner of the Epics to edit it. You can move Epics between Releases to adjust for changing priorities and limited resources.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for this view?

This view is relevant for product and R&D leaders involved in planning and developing the Epics and items of a release.

What outcomes should I expect from the Upcoming Releases – Epics view?

This view enables you to quickly see the Epics that you’ve planned for each Release. It presents you with an easy way to communicate your plans so that the different departments in your organization know what Epics and items your Releases will deliver.

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