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Upcoming Releases by Features

Manage your products more effectively with this detail-oriented visualization that enables you to drill-down into the nitty gritty of your Releases, and their features.


Detail-oriented view

Centralized visualization

Communicate your plans

See dev status per feature

Centralized Visualization of Your Upcoming Releases

Visualization of your Release down to the Feature level enables you to more effectively plan and prioritize the specific deliverables within each Release. Easily update your plans according to fast-changing priorities and resource availability by dragging and dropping Features between different Releases. Keep track of progress with clear visibility into the dev status of each of the Features included across your selected Releases.

Why should I use the Upcoming Releases – Features View?

Use the Upcoming Releases – Features View to quickly see which Features you’ve planned to include in your next releases. You can use it to check-in on progress by looking at the dev status for each Features. Allocate resources more effectively by easily comparing the scope of your different Releases.

How should I use the Upcoming Releases – Features View?

Start off by selecting the Releases you want to visualize when you add this view. These Releases — and the Features you’ve added to each one — will be included in the view. Dev status is clearly visualized per each Feature so that you can track progress across the different Releases.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for this view?

This view is relevant to anyone involved in the planning and prioritization process of Releases. It’s also relevant to stakeholders interested in the Feature-level details you’ve planned for your Releases.

What outcomes should I expect from the Upcoming Releases – Features view?

Use this view for sanity checks before finalizing a release to ensure that nothing has been left out. With Feature-level visualization, you can compare the scope across all of your different Releases to ensure that you have enough resources to get everything done on time.

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