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Value/Effort Prioritization

Prioritize your tasks according to the value they provide divided by the effort and resources it takes to develop them.


Get ‘value bang’ for your ‘effort buck’

Eliminate ‘gut feeling’ prioritization

Simple to implement

Generate high value with limited resources

Develop More Value in Less Time

Use the Value/Effort Prioritization View to deliver maximum value when time is limited and resources are scarce. Easily define Value, Effort and Importance scores for each one of your items. Sort, Group and Filter to help you make the right product decisions. Add custom formulas to streamline the prioritization decision-making process.

Why should I use Value/Effort prioritization?

You should use Value/Effort prioritization when you need an objective method for distributing limited resources to items according to their potential or perceived impact on the product.

How should I use Value/Effort prioritization?

Score each item you’re considering prioritizing according to two metrics — value and effort. Those items that provide the greatest value to your product/audience/market with the least amount of effort should be prioritized accordingly. Conversely, items that offer low value and demand a lot of effort to develop should be abandoned.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for this view?

This view is relevant to the product team when considering which items to prioritize. It’s also useful as an objective way to justify prioritization decisions with the executive management team.

What outcomes should I expect when using this view?

This view provides you with an objective, quantifiable way to measure the value provided by an item against the effort it takes to develop it. You can expect to discover high-impact initiatives, those low-hanging fruit that can make a huge impact on your product while requiring a relatively small effort to develop.

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