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Weighted Scoring

Prioritize your items by scoring them according to their impact on the business drivers that are critical to your product’s success.


Objective prioritization

Develop by value

Speed up prioritization processes

Support company goals and strategy

Prioritize More Effectively by Focusing On Value

Quickly and effectively prioritize your items based on the value they generate towards specific business metrics. Set up custom criteria and define the potential impact of each one your product by setting its maximum score range. Then go through your items and assign a score to each representing its impact on the specific criteria you defined.

Why should I use Weighted Scoring View for prioritization?

Use the Weighted Scoring View when you want to visualize the impact of your items on the drivers that you’ve set up.

How should I use Weighted Scoring for prioritization?

Define the metrics that are important to you. We’ve set up User Satisfaction and Revenues, but you customize your view with the metrics that are more suited to you and your organization. Set the potential importance of each metric by determining its maximum range. Defining high ranges for a metric establishes its relative importance over others with lower ranges. Go through each item under consideration and rate its impact on each of the drivers that you’ve set up.

Who are the relevant stakeholders for this view?

Product leaders and company executives can use this view to understand how items align to key company objectives.

What outcomes should I expect when using this view?

This view can be used as a sanity check to help you confirm that the items you’re developing will support the organization and achieve the results that it’s trying to achieve.

What’s the origin of this view?

Weighted Scoring Prioritization draws on the multiple-criteria decision-making methodology which was developed in 1979 by Stanley Zionts.

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