Listen to your users and prospects so you know what matters most


Collect and consolidate ideas

Gather ideas in an engaging and empowering way. Include ideas and feature requests from inside and outside the organization. Let users vote and comment to show you what really matters to them.


Capture the voice of your customers, wherever they are

Learn more about your users by including their feedback and data. Capture feedback from sales, support and communication channels with Salesforce, Zendesk and Intercom, or share a dedicated form with users to collect their insights.


Gain the confidence to make the right decisions

Tag and sort ideas and feedback to see patterns. Use insights to make more informed product decisions. Send ideas to your planning board to become epics, features, and stories.


Convey the vision that will guide your product

Define your product vision, personas, and competitors. Set goals, initiatives, and OKRs.
Ensure your strategy connects to business goals.

Easy to use, clear, and always improving…

Peregrin M. Head Of Special Ops, IBEX Payroll

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