Remote Product made easy

 It takes more than video calls to keep your product moving remotely. provides you with the end-to-end product collaboration tool, wherever you are.

How supports remote work:

Multiple Teams

Setting up multiple teams in means everyone in your organization can work in synergy, even if they are miles apart.

From Development to Design/UX teams, each team can have its own custom workflow and collaborate seamlessly.

Customized, Shareable Views

Customized planning views unique to each user’s needs means you can have your favorite view at your fingertips.

With LiveShare, stakeholders can access a live, dynamic view of your planning, instantly observing the most current status picture at any given time.

One Source of Truth

By integrating with the most popular tools you’re already using, pulls all data into one cohesive point of reference.

This means no more dealing with fragmented bits of information, increased efficiency, and a product system-of-record everyone can trust.

Connect, Comment & Collaborate

Working remotely doesn’t mean your communication has to suffer. allows you to discuss and collaborate as usual with structured discussion spaces that promote teamwork, engagement, and productivity.

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