What are return visitors?

Return visitors (visits) refers to an analyzing method of the users and user personas of your website. To put it simply, return visitors are the users who have visited your website more than once.

The metric of return visitors will mainly sort RV into groups as follows: 2-3 visits. 4-9 visits and ten visits or higher.

The metric organizes visits according to the number of times a visitor has returned to a website using the following groupings: 2-3 visits, 4-9 visits, and greater than ten visits.

The importance of Return Visits

It is unlikely that a single visit to your site will make a visitor into a customer. Therefore, returning visitors is essential for a company to succeed financially. You can invest a large amount of money in marketing, but it can be all for nothing without a proper analysis of the results. The RV Metric can help you prevent that.

The advantage of Return Visits

The rotating visitor metric reflects how effective (if at all) your site is in answering your audience’s needs. This method is especially effective for evaluating the value of your marketing work. It is significantly more probable that you will be able to convert them into customers or convey the information you intend to deliver if you can boost the number of return visitors to your website.

Return visitors vs. new visitors

It seems evident that there is a vast difference between new and returning visitors. There are some minor (but significant) differences in how they are measured, especially in Google analytics.

New visitors visit your site for the first time on a single device. Each device (such as a laptop, phone, tablet, etc.) will count separately as a new visit.

Returning visitors visit your site more than once in two years or less. For example, that means that a person who visits your site earlier in 2019 and then again this year will be counted as a new visitor.

How to get return visitors

The first key element to getting return visitors is to understand them—what made them visit your site? What do they look for? What pages are the most attractive, and which ones get more page views? Organizations have different methods in hand for bringing return visitors to their sites. For example, you can share new content via Twitter (or any other social media) as soon as you realize it. In such a way, they will want to return to it.

Understanding your visitors—why they come back, what attracts them, which page brings in the most visitors, etc.—is key to the performance of your website. If you can increase the number of return visitors, you are far more likely to be able to convert them into customers or deliver the information you intend to.

A different method will be establishing an email news list. But this method has to be used with caution-sending too many emails to your customers can do more damage than use and make customers mark you as a spammer and leave. Finally, you can use paid ads, targeting users who have visited your site before.

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