What is a market requirements document?

A market requirements document (MRD) is a text that summarizes market opportunities, including market size, client kinds, and competitors in a field. It assists product managers in employing market research to communicate what customers want and need from their product or service.

Although an MRD and a product requirements document (PRD) are commonly mistaken, they serve different objectives. A PRD outlines how the product should be manufactured, whereas an MRD defines what customers need and how it will supply it. Think of PRD as a roadmap for broader cross-functional teams (including design and engineering) to grasp what the product should accomplish.

Who Creates an MRD

There are a plethora of new product and service concepts. It isn’t easy to know what to create next. However, as a product manager, you must deduce and prioritize which problems to solve. While product managers are usually in charge of producing an MRD, you’ll most likely work with the product marketing team because this document is based on market and consumer research.

Create an MRD before investing time, money, or resources. It helps align a team on what is being built and why it will help customers by confirming the market requirement and assessing the available competing options.

Once you decide that an opportunity is worth pursuing, you can use the MRD to give a high-level overview of what’s needed to succeed. So you can focus on the work that’s most relevant to your customers and aligned with your product strategy.

Problems Associated MRD

The typical approach to generating long-form MRDs might be time-consuming. The MRD must be completed before any work can begin. And, by the time it’s finished, the information within can be outdated. If you create a new MRD for each version, you’ll have to update and share it manually, which might be time-consuming.

How To Use MRD

Many teams employ purpose-built product management software to work quicker, iterate, and collaborate in real-time with cross-functional colleagues. You can define a vision, collect personas and competitor data, write user stories, and link the work to your strategic goals and initiatives.

What Is The Best Way To Write A Marketing Requirement Document?

Include an in-depth explanation of the product or new feature needed, information on the target customers/users, and insights into competitors and their offerings when developing a marketing requirement document. The document should include research on the necessary product and its differences from similar products.


MRD and PRD (Market Requirements Document and Product Requirements Document, respectively) are frequently interchanged. However, they are meant to fulfill a unique and distinct purpose.

The format of a Market Requirements Document can be different. Word documents, specialist software, wikis, and even spreadsheets are the most frequent formats. The amount of paperwork required is determined by the size and scope of the target opportunity and the company’s expectations.

PRDs, on the other hand, are designed to give the amount of depth required for the development team to fully comprehend the capabilities, functionality, and features needed to satisfy the market demands stated in the MRD.

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