Prioritize, Track, Release

Roadmap your way to a brilliant product

Make all the cards fall into place with a visual, flexible, multiple-display roadmap. Work Kanban or Scrum, connect versions to stories with Craft's product launch strategy software.

Do everything in one place

It’s easy to crumble under the scope of a product development process. Craft is here to help you never lose sight of what’s important. Build teams in Craft, assign tasks to groups or individuals, and track progress flawlessly.

Customize for what works for you

There are many types of product strategies that can lead you to success, so the best product strategy tools allow for as much flexibility as you need. With Craft you can customize each team’s workflow to define your process. Track your items’ progress in story points or time and add custom fields and priority score to create custom processes, tailored to your needs.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Integrate Craft's product develoment software with third party tools, like Jira, Slack, GitHub and Google Drive for a more personalized, agile and successful project management experience.

Imagine your Product
Now bring your vision to life.

What is Product Strategy? It's drafting a roadmap for the challenges ahead. Craft’s product management software is designed to flow seamlessly with your natural process from idea to product marketing strategy.

Visual, human-friendly UI

Craft’s roadmaps are designed with humans in mind – visual, accessible, colorful and easy to master.

Task management just became simple

Build teams in Craft, assign tasks to groups or individuals, and track progress flawlessly.

Connect stories, epics and requirements

Assign items from Craft’s Discover area to versions, allowing the team to follow the entire product development strategy.

Keep your team in sync

Stay focused on the task at hand by talking, commenting and @mentioning on specific items.