Never lose another sticky note again

Ideate and brainstorm using digital sticky notes. Map your product discovery process elegantly with Craft’s human-friendly storymapping software.

Drill down into requirements and personas

Start with a high-level view and gradually uncover more details of your vision: expand on personas, definitions, goals, and much more.

Collaborate and share story maps

Discuss ideas by #tagging subjects, and @mentioning team members. Export links/PDF with a click and share story maps with stakeholders and users outside of Craft.

Connect story maps to roadmaps

With Craft’s end-to-end product management capabilities, instantly connect stories to roadmap versions, bringing the entire product together.

Gather your team
Now bring your vision to life.

Craft’s product management software is designed to flow seamlessly with your natural process: ideate, spec, roadmap, build

Visual, human-friendly UI

Craft’s roadmaps are designed with humans in mind – visual, accessible, colorful and easy to master.

View your entire portfolio

View multiple product roadmaps to get a full picture of your teams’ workload and goals.

Collaborate the agile way

Build your team, manage roles and permissions, #tag, @mention and discuss through visual comments on items.

Beautiful visual story maps

Make the most of Craft’s dividers, customizable colors, drag & drop option and other flexible features .