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Enjoy seamless integration with your favorite agile product development software tools integrates easily with the most popular agile product development and user feedback tools — including JIRA, Azure, Intercom, Zendesk — so you can connect your product plans to teams across your organisation.


Get the feedback you need to make informed product management strategy decisions. Collect customer input from CRM and support systems and merge it with product ideas from your company-branded idea portal. Then, turn these into clearly defined features.


Make great product decisions. Use our planning tools to articulate and connect your product vision, strategy, and personas to goals , initiatives, and product features. Easily prioritize what to build next and plan efficient work with your dev team.


Create visually compelling roadmaps to give your customers, management and teams insight into your product decisions and let them know what’s coming up. It’s quick and easy to LiveShare them with internal and external stakeholders.

See what our customers say about Craft

Paul Davis
Education Manager supports the entire product management life cycle with a rich and easy to use interface.

Dan Dilworth
Senior UX designer

Totally in love with the simplicity. The visual user story view is a game changer.

George Pask
Chief operation officer

Love this! It is great for collaboration with development team. We have integrated JIRA and now I have the whole vision of product development.

Matt Weghorst
VP of Engineering

…the best combination of stakeholder friendly and team friendly features on the market.

Kristóf Kovács-Egri
Product manager is one of the greatest tools we ever used, we really like to pitch it to other startups and friends, and everybody is mindblown by it.

Benjamin Payet
Product manager is really intuitive and has plenty of features which are really useful. It brings methods but it’s flexible enough not to undermine creativity.

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