Prioritize, Track, Release.

Turn plans into action by prioritizing and assigning work items to teams. Customize each team’s workflow to define your process. Track your items progress in story points or time and add your own custom fields and priority score to create custom process tailored to your needs.


Plan Your Product Roadmap

Lay out your high-level, agile product roadmap, specifying major releases, milestones, goals, and initiatives with our product roadmap tool. The end result is a single, beautiful roadmap that can be shared with involved stakeholders or among team members.


Define Product Stories

Use Craft’s intuitive editor to define your roadmap’s features, epics and stories. Easily add visual designs and markings to your product story to dynamically connect agile roadmap elements.

Lay out your user story with Craft’s user story mapping software. Develop outlines, steps and activities in a clear, visual format. Break down actions into different releases or milestones and prioritize them according to your dynamic production needs.


Customer Feedback

Gain insights into your users' needs by grouping customer feedback into meaningful categories with our feedback management system. Empower your team to become truly user-centered by allowing designers and developers to collect & access the user feedback that drives their work. Build real relationships with your users, based on the feedback they provide.

  • I love the product. It is everything that I am looking for. Before we had to use Google Sheet for planning product roadmap, Trello for tracking process, and Google Docs/Jira/Github for product documentation. Now, I have everything in one place with all the tools I need.

    Brian Le Vu - Uber
  • allows our product team to effectively and efficiently communicate the high level roadmap to our executives and engineers, and dive into the details when necessary. It allows the different teams in our company to have a single source of truth; giving confidence to all that they are always looking at the most updated information.

    Ryan Schneider - SuperPedestrian
  • allows us to easily collaborate between our product team and the multiple stakeholders involved through 4 countries. We can discuss our ideas and plan our sprints and releases, with the assurance that anyone can easily see and understand what is going on.

    Anys Mechkar - Proximedia, Publicis Group
  • Craft is the single source of truth for our product team. In it, we centralize all questions for each third-party and client, and our full backlog. No more time wasted updating Google Spreadsheets and Jira, Craft takes care of it, and allows us to focus on our job, building the right product.

    Théo Blochet - Fueled
  • All the tools I need are here; all in one place. I can work more efficiently, and so can my teams.

    Mike Rowan - SendGrid Labs