Wins the 2022 SaaS Award for “Best Enterprise-Level SaaS Product”

Elad Simon Published: 15 Sep 2022 Updated: 17 May 2023 Wins the 2022 SaaS Award Wins the 2022 SaaS Award for “Best Enterprise-Level SaaS Product”

Product Managers deserve a purpose-built, end-to-end solution designed just for them


Given how much value product teams can contribute to a company’s bottom line—in terms of making smarter decisions about what to build, and keeping the organization aligned around a shared set of strategic goals—finding the right product management software is a critical step in the path to company success. But which solution should organizations choose for their product teams?


The international judging panel at the 2022 SaaS Awards just offered their opinion, naming’s end-to-end product management platform Best Enterprise-Level SaaS Product.  

Why the SaaS Awards chose


The SaaS Awards honor innovative and excellent software solutions—tools that create new ways to help organizations operate more successfully. This year, the panel chose largely for a unique capability that has simply never been available elsewhere for product teams.


James Williams, the SaaS Awards’ Head of Operations, notes that “ is a worthy winner of the SaaS Awards, offering something truly and effectively stand-out in an incredibly competitive category.


What is James referring to specifically? Lead Judge Annabelle Whittall puts it this way:


At SaaS Awards, we were most impressed with’s Guru Layer, which provides teams with easy access to hundreds of best-practice templates and views. This helps teams easily adopt leading product management methodologies more effectively, onboard new team members, and align the team around a common approach. The cutting-edge SaaS product exceeded this year’s SaaS Awards’ expectations. Well done,!

Helping teams across the organization improve their digital initiatives


Because’s Guru Layer offers so many templates and best practices, the platform can help seasoned Product Managers create, view, update, adjust, and share the right product content more quickly and efficiently. For example, pre-built templates for product epics, user personas, and prioritization frameworks can help an experienced Product Manager develop these assets in minutes—as opposed to spending hours building them manually in static files.

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But when she says that the’s Guru Layer “helps teams easily adopt leading product management methodologies more effectively,” Judge Whittall highlights another key advantage of the platform—for any team, at any company, in any industry. These built-in best practices for product management can help other teams across the organization more successfully drive their internal digitalization efforts—such as developing or deploying complex applications for their own operations.


Many of’s largest and longest-running enterprise customers—organizations such as Fannie Mae, Kimberly-Clark, Danone, Cisco, and SAP—leverage our platform to effectively manage their digital products from ideation through launch and beyond.


Digitalization for any company—but particularly for larger enterprises—often requires a shift in methodology from project management to product management, including the use of the right toolkit to transition. The intuitiveness of our platform, combined with built-in tools to help jumpstart and guide the product management process, makes the ideal solution for organizations looking to streamline and improve their digital transformation efforts. can help any team create a single source of truth and collaboration hub, centralize company learnings and industry best practices, connect projects to specific business goals, prioritize their teams’ work, tell a compelling product story—and build great digital products with confidence.


And that’s why the SaaS Awards named us the Best Enterprise-Level SaaS Product for 2022.


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