What is jira software?

Jira is a project management tracking software. Agile development teams now extensively use this tool to monitor bugs, stories, epics, and other activities.

Atlassian created Jira in 2002 as a bug-tracking solution for software firms. Atlassian’s product is named “Gojira,” which translates to “Godzilla” in Japanese. Atlassian’s coders utilized a bug-tracking software tool called Bugzilla before developing the solution, which gave them the idea for the name.

What Kinds of Teams Are Using It Now?

Atlassian expanded the Jira platform to offer services to different teams as it increased in popularity. And this agile development technique became more commonly employed by software businesses. It now provides a variety of internal functions, including:

Jira Core Is A Project Management Tool

The platform’s entry-level project management tool is intended for non-technical teams. Change requests, workflow approvals, and general task management are handled using the core tool by departments, including HR, marketing, finance, and operations.

Jira Is A Project Management Software

Jira software covers all of Core’s features as well as agile capabilities. Software teams use this program to track bugs, handle fundamental software development tasks, and manage products. Other components are:

Projects: It’s a great way to keep track of flaws for the project manager. It’s used to track and handle problems and issues.

Workflow: Manages the life cycle of issues and defects. Let’s say there is a business requirement. A team can create a technical design and then test cases based on the technical design. Following the creation of test cases, coding is completed, and the product is subsequently tested. Jira makes this design workflow possible.

Search: The search function makes it easier to locate previous projects. We can learn what happened in earlier versions of Jira, how many problems were found in previous projects, and what we learned using Jira.

Dashboards: When you log in to Jira, you’ll see a dashboard display. For many projects, you can construct multiple dashboards. You can make your customized dashboard and add gadgets to it to keep track of the projects and difficulties you’re working on.

Benefits of Jira

The JIRA software is used to plan, track, and work more efficiently.

JIRA is also a bug-tracking program primarily used to track, categorize, and prioritize problems, new features, and enhancements for specific software versions. Projects are divided into difficulties, including various activities such as bug fixes, new features, improvements, and documentation.

When a software release date approaches, software engineers must concentrate on the remaining issues resolved before the deadline. It’s also challenging for the QA to keep track of the progress of the documentation, which makes it challenging to keep track of everything. JIRA is a suitable solution for dealing with the difficulties listed above.

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