What is web traffic?

Traffic is a standard metric used by websites, software as service applications, and many other digital services and websites. It refers to the number of visitors or individual visits an online property receives.

The first and most obvious measure you can take to increase website traffic is to use robust search engine optimization best practices. Your site’s visibility to search engines and users is improved by optimizing it with effective meta tags, graphics, copy, and easy navigation, among other things. Another popular method of attracting traffic is paid promotions such as banner ads.

The success of a website is determined by the amount of traffic it receives. Again, someone who creates a website for fun (for example, a food blogger) may not consider traffic vital. Understanding website traffic and developing ways to increase it is critical for businesses and organizations to maintain steady growth.

How To Track and Monitor Website Traffic

Website traffic is usually tracked using analytics tools like Google Analytics embedded in the website of the web app. However, simply having the number of hits is not enough. You want to gain actionable insights from traffic data. This involves evaluating how effective traffic-building measures (SEO, PPC, etc.) have been since deployment by looking at the website’s number of visitors over a set period (one week, one month, etc.).

Other KPIs you may want to consider include:

Percentage of purchases

Online firms that sell things through their websites rely on sales to succeed. The amount of visitors who make a purchase demonstrates how successful the site is at enticing consumers to make a purchase. Finding out which channels, such as email, organic search, and email, are used to measure website traffic is another approach to do so.

Visitor retention rate

The number of visitors who leave after viewing only one page is measured by bounce rates, which should be as low as feasible.

How to Increase Website Traffic

There is a myriad of ways to increase website traffic. For example, being more active on social media and providing quality information to followers will motivate people to visit a website.

You can create video content for YouTube and social media to enhance visibility. You can employ automated email marketing software to engage contacts with discounts and offers to increase traffic to your website. In addition, SEO and content marketing are sure to advance your website in search engine results (SERPs).

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